Darkpaper Chinese:

"Teleport can be viewed as like a 2FA, it adds to whatever security a coin already has.
I designed it to be compatible with existing coins, so of course I have to use a normal tx for this.
Teleport is highly resistant to timing analysis. This is due to the anon set being all of the cloning events during the average clonesmear time window. But with the time window different for every user, it is actually not possible to precisely define even the exact members of the potential cloning events to consider. It is probabilistic.
Due to this, the sender enjoys dramatically larger privacy as the anon set is the sum of all cloning events from the time the sender cloned. If you let it age for months, the anon set would be the vast majority of everybody else
This is assuming a 1:1 correlation between teleports and clonings. However, some small fraction will utilize trusted teleports and simply spend what was received without ever hitting the blockchain in any form. Due to this, it will not be possible to even know how many transactions have happened, let alone to correlate it.
Teleport is also designed to be resistant to an attacker that is able to log all traffic from all nodes. In addition to using fully encrypted onion layered packets via random hops of random depth, it is possible to split each teleport into M of N (up to 254) fragments. By using M of around 40%, say 4 hops, then with an 85% randomly generated probability to route the packet, it makes receiving a tx, routing a tx and originating a tx look the same. So, even an attacker with a complete log of all packets between all nodes will have a big challenge to identify which nodes are actually even sending any info to each other. Basically every node will be sending some amount of white noise to all the other nodes.
Teleport is also designed to resist Quantum Computers from the future that can crack today's encryption. The reason is that there is no permanent blockchain to record all tx just waiting to be decrypted. What does not exist cannot be decrypted! Short of the attacker keeping a permanent log of all the M of N onion layered packets or simply confiscating all the users computers to reconstruct the blockchain, I cannot see a way for the encrypted data to be obtained to be analyzed."


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